Bird Lasers

Using a bird laser to keep pigeons and other birds away is a relatively new deterrent method, but one that is proving very popular in large spaces because it works night and day and offers humane way of bird proofing without the need for spikes, wires, netting or other methods. Bird scarer lasers use interchanging coloured light beams which are visible in the birds’ spectrum of vision, and which they steer well clear of.

These laser bird deterrent system patterns constantly change to stop pigeons, seagulls and other birds acclimating. Fixed bird lasers like Bird Blazer, hand held bird scaring lasers and directional bird lasers like Laser Strike and the Avian Dissuader offer green bird scaring solutions and are definitely a consideration in large open or semi-open spaces including squares, warehouses, parks, large gardens and yards and stadiums, and a cost effective temporary bird scaring option for events. Laser bird repellents can cover an area up to 10,000 square feet readily.

Humane, effective deterrent
Ideal for large open and semi open spaces
Ideal for events
Works night and day
Can be hand held and directional
interchanges to prevent acclimatisation
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