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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels – 10 Year Guarantee

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Solar Panel Bird Protection - Stop Birds Nesting Under your Solar Panels

British Bird Control offers a bespoke and one-stop Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels service with a 10-year guaranteed proofing of solar panels against pigeons, plus the provision of the required access equipment.

Pigeons nesting under solar panels are a significant problem on a national scale. What the solar panel fitters don’t tell you when they are putting them up, is that the necessary gap between your solar panels and the roof has created a perfect, safe, warm and sheltered nesting site for birds, and pigeons in particular, exactly where they want it – nice and high up.

Over time the activity of the birds can and will damage the panels and fittings, and see a significant build-up of corrosive pigeon mess on the panels and under them. This can also result in biting bird mites – associated with their nests – entering your property, which can be an expensive problem to deal with effectively.

And then there is the noise they make, which can drive even the calmest of us to distraction! The solution is to stop pigeons getting under your solar panels permanently.

Industry best 10-year guarantee
Bespoke pigeon guard for solar panels
Scaffolding or cherry picker provided if required.
We cover all of England, Scotland and Wales
To discuss your solar panel pigeon problem, call us on 0800 327 7293, email us at info@britishbirdcontrol.co.uk or submit your request online with picture, address, post code and phone number.

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Service

Here at British Bird Control we specialise in solar panel pigeon proofing UK wide. We are now able to offer a bespoke and one-stop solar panel bird protection service which includes 10-year guaranteed proofing of solar panels against pigeons, plus the provision of the required access equipment.

Unlike other solar panel proofing companies, our three-step process includes the use of a specialist solar panel pigeon mesh produced from a tough-but-pliable, weather-proof galvanised wire, which not offers solar panel proofing against pigeons, but also all other birds and rodents like squirrels and rats.

In most cases we are able to offer you a quotation within 20-minutes, following an initial phone consultation and evaluation. The cost of this solar panel bird protection is based around the number of solar panels you have, where they are, and an assessment of the safe access, which is carried out in consultation with you over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panel Bird Protection

How much does solar panel pigeon proofing cost?

Our rates are HIGHLY COMPETITIVE for solar panel proofing and we cover all of the UK. We offer a one-stop service and can also carry out additional proofing measures and guano clearance while we are on working on your roof, if required. The cost of solar panel pigeon proofing will be governed by a few variables that we will run through with you on the phone. The most important factor is whether we can safely carry out the work off ladders, or whether access equipment such as scaffolding or a cherry picker is required.

Sending us images of the aspect of your property below the panels always helps, but in their absence we can often get a good enough picture of what’s needed from Google Earth. If you decide to go ahead, a 25% deposit secures your booking.

What does your solar panel pigeon proofing service include?

British Bird Control’s solar panel pigeon proofing service is a proven, three-step process. Once we have the access agreed, the first part of the job is to ‘shoo’ out the pigeons underneath and the squabs and then to clean out as much of the nesting material as is possible.

Note that because of the heat under panels, pigeon guano can often become rock solid around wiring, and we can’t risk damaging the wiring in this process, so if the pigeon problem has been there a while it won’t be pristine under there. Also note that the panels are live and our technicians will do as much as they can – without electrocuting themselves! The panels are not lifted off the bars at any stage.

Next we apply a biocide underneath the panels. This is done for two reasons. Firstly to deal with any bird mites we may have disturbed during the removal of the nests. Secondly it’s to break down any tough remaining pigeon guano, which rain will help move on over time. If there is no guano or nesting under the panels, a biocide treatment isn’t necessary.

Finally we carry out the proofing. This is done using our bespoke, galvanised, weatherproof steel pigeon guard. This is securely attached using a variety of methods including tensioning, retraining wires, clips, clamps and ties. Above the panels edges we leave short prongs showing. This is important as for several days after the proofing, and going forward, pigeons are likely to be trying to get back under them, and the prongs put them off from climbing onto the panels and adding new mess. Note that there is no drilling involved in our solar panel pigeon proofing service and the process comes with an industry leading TEN YEAR GUARANTEE.

What if it’s raining or very windy on the day of the fitting?

As with any situation when we are working at heights, safety has to be paramount. Not all roofs are the same – some have steeper pitches than others and some roof tiles, slates in particular, are slipper than others in the wet.

We will do our best to carry out the work when planned and we are fully ensured for this kind of work. But if the weather makes the work dangerous, particularly in the case of high winds, we would, as I’m sure you can understand, need to postpone.

Will the pigeons that have been nesting under solar panels move off straight away?

When you have pigeons nesting under solar panels you normally have two problems. The first is the female pigeons under the panels themselves, looking after the nest. The second is the males hanging around nearby, often on another part of your property, creating a lot of noise and mess. What normally happens once we have finished our guaranteed solar panel bird proofing work, is that the females come back to investigate. They can do this for a few days, before realising that the game is up and moving off somewhere else.