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Bird mites are tiny, nasty, aggressive little insects that live off the blood of chicks being reared in nests. However, once the chicks fledge and leave the nest, they have no food source and go in seek of a new one, and that can sometimes lead to bird mites coming inside the house to feed on your blood!

The best way to get rid of bird mites in the first place is a professional removal and insecticide treatment of the bird nest and a clean-up of the area with a biocide, which can be done by a qualified pest controller.
However, once bird mites are inside the house, they can be a real problem, because they will commonly invade cavity and attic spaces which are notoriously hard to treat.

Bird mites are also a real problem for people who have installed solar panels. Solar panels create the perfect safe and sheltered nesting area for pigeons, and because pigeons nest all year round in the UK, there is a real danger of the mites entering through the roof space.

The best way to prevent bird mites in this scenario is to have a solar panel proofing fitter around soon after the panels are installed.

Solar panel pigeon proofing is something we specialise in. We cover all of the UK for solar panel bird protection and offer a 10-year guarantee on our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do bird mites actually look like. Can you see them?

You can just about see bird mites with the naked eye, but you have to look closely as the adults are only about half a millimetre long. One description we have heard that sort of rings true is that they are like little moving flakes of pepper.

To see them properly you will need to look through a magnifying glass, or better still a microscope. Under magnification you see that they are oval in shape with eight long legs (the nymphs only have six) and prominent protruding mouth parts that they use to break the skin. To the naked eye they usually look dark, but close up they are more commonly transparent or white with black or dark patches.  However, after a blood meal they will appear dark.

What are the symptoms of bird mite bites?

It can be difficult to positively identify a bird mite infestation, because they are so tiny, and tend to bite at night. Bird mite bites create a raised, itchy red blotch that may or may not have a lesion. Bites from bird mites tend to stay itchier for longer and take a longer time to heal than mosquito bites or even bites from bed bugs.

If the infestation is bad, the bites may be grouped together causing a rash – a situation often miss-diagnosed by doctors and pharmacists as scabies. Customers suffering from bird mites commonly say that they ‘can feel their skin crawling’, which has knock-on effects psychologically and can lead to chronic lack of sleep.

Bird Mite Bites
Pinprick bites that are very itchy
Bites occurring at night
Bites take a long time to heal and stop itching
Clusters often mistaken for scabies

How do you get rid of bird mites?

When looking at how to get rid of bird mites, you can pretty much discount the DIY approach. With this insect you do need the help of a professional pest control company that is experienced in bird mite eradication.

One of the keys is to identify and treat the source – this could be nesting areas somewhere around the house, such as in the eaves, on a ledge or in the attic. Removal of the abandoned nests followed by a treatment with a professional strength insecticide and a throughout clean-up with a biocide are what’s needed, and this needs to be done by a professional pest controller who will be able to apply professional strength products and wear the correct PPE needed in their application.

Once they get inside, the problem becomes more difficult. Because they have come in from the outside, they will be in the cavities and that makes them difficult to treat. We can try with a good professional strength insecticide with a long lasting residual effect inside the house, but the approach can’t be guaranteed and if this fails the best option is Heat Treatment For Bird Mites . The one thing you could try yourself, to offer a level of control while you decide what to do, is apply some Bug Duster powder from Cimexine.

This a natural insect killer that kills by desiccation (dries them out) and which leaves a long lasting residual. Cimexine Bug Duster powder is marketed for bed bugs, but is effective against any crawling insect including bird mites.

When are bird mites most likely to be a problem?

Because they are associated with birds that are nesting and they affect many bird species, bird mites tend to be more of a problem during the spring and early summer. However , because pigeons nest all year round in the UK, they can crop up at any time of year.

They have quite a short lifecycle, but when they have a food source can rapidly multiply into very large infestations. When chicks fledge and leave the nest, they can leave behind many thousands of hungry bird mites and typically over 85% will be females which will reproduce as soon as they get their next blood meal.