Blackburn Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Solar Panel Pigeon Protection in Blackburn - 10 Year Guarantee

The solar power installation story gained further momentum in the Blackburn area when MGS Plastics became the latest Lancashire company to turn to renewable energy as it invested over £40,000 in a 49kw unit to help power the company’s facilities and reduce its carbon footprint. The injection moulding firm expects a return on the solar units to be within six year.

Blackburn itself, a town just nine miles north of the Greater Manchester border sits within an important green belt region that extends into the wider surrounding counties. The green belt policy is in place to reduce urban sprawl and stop towns in the nearby Greater Manchester and Merseyside conurbations from further convergence, thus protecting the identity of outlying communities.

Many Blackburn residents joined the solar power club when government tariffs were at their most generous, although that equation has changed now. What solar panel companies in Blackburn failed to mention was that they were also creating a custom-made pigeon nesting area on the top of their properties. If you are a female pigeon you can breed all year round in the UK and you are constantly on the look-out for somewhere to nest. You want somewhere that’s nice and high up away from predators, close to a food source, and if it’s warm and sheltered too, Bob’s your uncle!

What happens is the lady pigeons stay under the panels looking after the nests, eggs and chicks, while the males search for food and create a mess on and around your roof tiles and on the panels themselves (and an almighty racket!). If you have pigeons nesting under solar panel, we can help. We are full British Pest Control Association (BPCA) members and offer a fast, efficient and FULLY GUARANTEED solar panel pigeon protection service in Blackburn and the surrounding area including Preston, Burnley, Rochdale and Bolton.

We have teams that area specialists in solar panel pigeon protection. We carry out the work safely using a robust, bespoke galvanised steel pigeon guard that gives an attractive and neat finish tight to the panel edges and we are able to offer a gilt-edged TEN-YEAR GUARANTEE with all our solar panel pigeon protection work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does solar panel pigeon protection cost? solar panels?

At British Bird Control we like to keep things nice and simple when it comes to the cost of solar panel pigeon protection, and we are very competitive indeed on price. Our cost structure is largely based on whether or not our operatives will require scaffolding to carry out the work safely.

We can usually work this out from a telephone consultation and a quick look at your property on Google Earth, and can often provide you with a quotation over the phone. We require a 25% deposit to book in. Call us on 0800 327 7293.

Pigeons are creating a mess on my solar panels and roof tiles. Can you clean this?

Yes, all our teams carry specialist solar panel and roof tile cleaning kits with all the specialist equipment, cleaning fluids and biocides required to provide the best way to clean solar panels roof tiles, gutters and walls of pigeon guano safely and without any damage.

This not only cleans but is also a powerful biocide agent, which kills the bacteria, viruses and fungi associated with pigeon guano. This is not priced is as part of the solar panel proofing work, but can be quoted once we arrive at the job and evaluate what’s involved.

Are pigeons affecting the performance of my solar panels?

If you have birds getting under solar panels and believe this could be adversely affecting the performance of the panels and the very reason you got them in the first place, please let us know during the telephone consultation.

We have teams that can evaluate and fix solar panel performance on the spot, but if this is the case we may need to make a separate visit before the solar panel proofing takes place to check whether there is a short circuit, broken solar panel inverter, or other electrical issue which would make it dangerous to be on the roof until fixed. Please also let us know if you think there are dead adult pigeons under solar panels when we talk on the phone – they may have been electrocuted!

To discuss your bird control problem, Call our Blackburn Solar Panel Proofing Team on 0800 327 7293, email us at or submit your request online with picture, address and post code
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