Shock Tracking (Avishock)

Electric Shock Bird Deterrent

Shock track bird proofing, also known as bird shock tape or bird shock wire, is a relatively recent weapon in the bird control armoury, but our experience with it is that is it HIGHLY effective and a definite option to consider. Shock tracking acts as an electronic bird deterrent. Laid onto the areas to be proofed, such as roofs and ledges, it delivers a harmless but disconcerting electric shock bird deterrent, and works in just the same was as electric fencing for livestock.

This electronic wire bird control solution comprises low lying PVC strips containing stainless steel braids which are set apart and carry a small , regular electrostatic pulse by means of the 240V charger. It does not take long for the birds to learn what happens when they step on the tracks, and they stay well away.

It’s the most discreet, low profile bird proofing solution on the market. We offer a full survey, and the price of shock tracking installation is not as expensive as you may think.

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Electric shock bird deterrent
Highly effective, long term
Birds learn to stay away very quickly
Flexible – curves round corners and over roof tiles
Approved by wildlife organisations

Frequently Asked Questions

When would you advise using shock tracking?

Shock tracking particularly suited to situations where maintaining the aesthetics or look of something is absolutely vital.

There is no lower profile or more discreet bird proofing solution – it’s only 8mm high! It’s particularly suitable where something illustrating a brand needs protecting from birds, such as signage, where it’s important for the customer that the shape and feel of the brand is not altered.

This is why it’s the favoured bird proofing solution with many designers and architects. Because the tracks are flexible it is also easy to apply on surfaces not suited to other bird control measures, such as curves and wavy roof tiles.

Isn’t it cruel?

The pulse delivered is enough to put the birds off but not harm them. If shock tracking was cruel then it would have been banned by the bird lobby. The use of electronic bird control systems were restricted in the UK until the introduction of shock tracking systmes, for fear of contravening the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Animal Welfare Act.

The manufacturers set about proving to DEFRA through a series of independent trials at the Government’s own Central Science Library that the system caused no injury or unnecessary suffering to wild birds, and that is exactly what they achieved.

As a result shock tracking is now accepted as being very effective and humane and is also approved by various public bodies.

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