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Solar Panel Cleaning

Even if your solar panels are supposedly ‘self-cleaning’, an inevitable build-up of debris, dust, pollution and bird mess over time does adversely affect their efficiency by reducing the amount of radiation reaching the cells that drive your electricity. In conjunction with our nationwide solar panel pigeon proofing service, we can offer a full solar panel cleaning service that will bring the panels back up to optimum performance.

It is important that the cleaning operation is carried out safely and with the correct equipment. We only use purified water with no detergents, so the process is eco-friendly, and our teams carry suitable cleaning equipment that will not cause any damage, and which allows us to safely reach and clean all the panels.

The cost of cleaning solar panels is minimal if we are already fitting pigeon proofing, and we are happy to discuss an annual cleaning and maintenance contract with you. If you are looking at professional solar panel cleaning companies, give us a call.

Professional solar panel cleaning and Maintenance
Solar panel cleaning with pure water
Gutter clearance including biocide application
Scaffolding or cherry picker provided if required
We cover all of England and Wales
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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work by a process of converting the electromagnetic radiation from the sun into electricity. This creates a constant supply of direct current (DC), which is fed into something called an inverter. The inverter’s job is to convert this into alternate current (AC), and it is this AC that can then be used to heat and light homes and business.

The process doesn’t just work on sunny days, but on cloudy and overcast days too. Any build-up of debris, guano, dust or anything else can affect this performance, negating the very reason you got them in the first place. If we are fitting solar panel pigeon proofing for you, we can check the performance of your panels for you while there.

Why should I hire a company to clean my solar panels?

The actual process of cleaning solar panels is not rocket science; it’s more a case of doing it safely. The cleaning needs to be done with pure water and no detergents, and with delicate enough cleaning aids that will bring them back to full performance without causing any damage to things like the anti-freeze coating on them. Although they look secure enough on your roof, solar panels are generally just clipped onto a bar.

You can’t put any weight on them and to carry out any work on solar panels safely, the correct access equipment is required, and to reach and clean the panels in the middle you need special extending cleaning equipment.

Also the panels are ‘live’ and if you don’t know what you are doing they can give you a shock, which is not something you want to happen while on top of your roof! Plus on a sunny day, the panels themselves can be extremely hot.

My solar panels are self-cleaning, so surely it’s not necessary to have them cleaned?

If the panel supplier says that the panels are self-cleaning, this usually means that they have what’s called a hydrophobic surface, meaning that water droplets can’t stick to the surface.

This does reduce any build-up of what’s known as mineral residue but it doesn’t stop things like bird droppings, dust, tree sap or pollen building up, and in turn blocking the ability of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation to reach the cells in the solar panels that drive the creation of your electricity.

The more cells that become blocked or shaded, the more the efficiency of the panels will be reduced. Most solar panel manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their efficiency. Poor maintenance will affect the life of your panels, your return on your investment, and in some cases it may also affect your solar panel warranty.

How often should solar panels be checked and cleaned?

At British Bird Control we recommend cleaning your solar panels once a year. We can discuss an annual contract with you that includes annual cleaning, and checking the performance of the photovoltaic cells, wiring and inverter to make sure they are safe and are working at their maximum efficiency?