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Loft Decontamination

Loft and Property Decontamination

Full decontamination of loft spaces and roof voids that have been invaded by pigeons is something we do a lot of. We also carry out loft clearances and attic decontamination of completely abandoned properties including disused warehouses and houses.

Such undisturbed places, if the pigeons can get in, give them an ideal safe, high, secluded and sheltered nesting area. Pigeons often invade en-masse, with the specific purpose of nesting, and populations can quickly explode, as pigeons in the UK nest all year round and will breed three or four times a year. Each adult pigeon can be producing 25lb of guano a year on its own, and there could be hundreds of pigeons present.

If pigeons have been in such an area for a fair amount of time, the amount of mess they can create can be horrendous and you are going to need a local loft clearance and clean up service.

Nest and nest debris clearance
Biocide Clean Up
Insecticidal Treatment for bird mites
Compliant Guano Disposal
Fully Insured and Qualified
Expert advice on proofing to prevent re-occurrence
Full BPCA Members, Correct PPE
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your loft and property decontamination service include?

The actual clearance process begins with a Risk Assessment to ensure the work can be carried out safely. As well as nesting material and debris that will need removing, there may well be personal items, furniture, insulation etc. that are so tainted by the mess that they will need throwing out, with skip hire required.

Loft clearing and boarding will go hand in hand with old loft insulation disposal before any decontamination work can begin. Once the area affected is ready for treatment, the process starts with a thorough dousing with a bespoke biocide cleaning agent that both breaks down the guano (which is often several inches deep in places with this kind of work) and treats it for the pathogens and bacteria present.

Our operatives, who are qualified to at least RSPH Level II standard and who have specific qualifications in bird control and proofing, wear the appropriate breathing and protective PPI equipment and clothing throughout. This is vital, as pigeon droppings carry many very nasty diseases and some of the dried pigeon guano becomes airborne once disturbed. It can thus be easily breathed in and diseases transmitted to humans if you are not wearing the correct breathing apparatus.

The attic clearance and treatment service also involves dealing with the areas where there has been nesting going on with a professional strength bird mite killer spray insecticide. In large spaces this will be applied both with a directional sprayer, and a ULV fogger to fill the whole space with insecticide. Finally, our Pigeon Guano Clearance Service also involves the disposal of the pigeon mess, which needs to be done safely and in accordance with the law.

Pigeons guano is classified as hazardous waste by local authorities. We have the correct licences to be able to dispose of it in line with legislation.

When can we go back in?

We are applying professional strength biocide and insecticide which needs to be fully dry before you can re-enter.

The guano itself is a carrier of many harmful diseases and because some of the dried guano becomes airborne when you disturb it, these can be transmitted to humans if breathed in. We recommend waiting 24 hours before re-entering the space.