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Heat Treatment for Bird Mites

If you are looking for a guaranteed treatment for bird mite infestation, then heat treatment for bird mites is the way to go, and with us it comes with an industry leading six-month guarantee.
Our heat treatment involves super heating the dry air temperature of the rooms in question with powerful convection air heaters designed specifically for the purpose, and circulating the air over several hours.

It works by penetrating all the nooks and crannies of the rooms and everything in them, killing all life stages of the insect including (importantly) the egg stage. Heat treatment is commonly used for bed bug infestations. Bird mite infestations are commonly confused with bed bugs because they are so small and hard to see, and bites often occur at night, while you are asleep. However, the approach is considerably more involved when it comes to a treatment for bird mites

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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does the heat treatment actually work?

Heat treatment is a specialist area and needs to be done by experienced operatives. Our heat treatment units only do heat treatment, nothing else. They are experts in this area and they are carrying out heat treatments day in, day out. The actual process involves gradually bring the air temperature of the room up to around 55-60 degrees using specialist air heaters designed specifically for the job, and holding it there for long enough to heat treat the room and everything in it.

That’s just one of the advantages of heat treatment – it treats everything in the room including things that we cannot apply insecticide to, like clothes, books and cardboard boxes. Clothes can be left on hangers for a heat treatment. Heat treatment actually works by denaturising the proteins the insects and the eggs need to survive, effectively drying them out to the point that they die. In the case of bird mite heat treatment we need to heat for much longer than with bed bugs for instance, because the mites will be in the cavities. Usually this will mean you and your family will have to stay somewhere else overnight.

We place monitors around the rooms to make sure the temperature is maintained for the required amount of time. The information is fed to the operative’s laptop and we can provide a treatment report if require. We also apply a residual insecticide that works with the high air temperatures. The treatment comes with a six month guarantee.

How much does bird mite heat treatment cost?

Heat treatment is an area we specialise in. The most important thing that you need to understand is that bird mite heat treatment takes much longer than heat treatment for other insects, such as bed bugs, and therefore needs to be priced accordingly. The price will be governed directly by how many rooms we are treating.

There is no point booking any company that claims to offer heat treatment for this insect. We need to know that we are dealing with bird mites, and plan and heat treat accordingly. Bird mite heat treatment, when done correctly, will take many hours longer than a standard bed bug heat treatment. You will need to vacate the property and usually stay somewhere else overnight. There is no getting around it, heat treatment is expensive. But it is highly effective. It takes a long time, and comes with a six month guarantee.

Will the heat damage my property?

A very good question. It’s going to get hot in there – you would faint if you stayed in a room being heat treated. Our job is to make sure that we get rid of the insect (and all the eggs), while also protecting your belongings and property.

It’s important that the temperature is brought up gradually, and then held there for long enough to deal with the issue at hand – one of the many reasons that you need to book specialists when going down the heat treatment route.  There are a lot of companies that claim to offer heat treatment, but who simply don’t have the equipment to carry it out properly, so be careful. If you decide to book, we require a 25% deposit.

We then send you through confirmation of the booking and of the guarantee, and talk you through the process in depth in advance. We provide you with full preparation documentation and the phone number of our operations manager for any questions you may have about the treatment, the preparation process and your property and belongings.

We realise that every property and infestation is different and that heat treatment is an expensive option and sometimes a last resort; and we try to make it as pain free as possible in the circumstances.