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Balcony Netting

Balcony Bird Netting

Many people who have a balcony with their apartment or flat come to realise that it provides pigeons and sometimes seagulls with exactly what they want. Both pigeons and seagulls need sheltered areas to roost and nest and in the case of pigeons they prefer some overhead cover.

If birds take a liking to your balcony, they can be very difficult to persuade to move on and can more or less make the balcony out of bounds.

Spiking the handrail or balustrade is very unsightly but one viable option is to net the balcony off. Customers can be reluctant to consider balcony bird netting. After all, one of the great things about having a balcony is to enjoy the view.

However, it is often the only viable option and if requested we are usually able to install zips if requested so that net can be opened up to enjoy when you are on the balcony, but closed off to stop birds getting onto it when you are not.

We usually use 50mm pigeon netting which is available in a range of colour options including black, stone and transparent.

The process involves fixing a steel 2mm shaping wire around the perimeter, which is attached using a variety of possible fixings depending on what we are fitting the wire net support system onto.

The wire is kept taught using specialist barrel strainers and then we attach the net itself, segment by segment, using what are called SR8 grade hog rings staples. The finish is neat, long lasting and not as unsightly as you may think.

We are very competitive with our balcony bird netting service and if you email us at info@britishbirdcontrol.co.uk with measurements (height, width, depth in cm) and some pictures of both sides and the ballustrade, we should be able to provide a quotation. We will also need to know what floor your are on and confirmation that the building is not Listed. 

Balcony Bird Netting Do It Yourself

If you would prefer to net your own balcony our pest control division has bespoke kits of different sizes available here:

Range of net colour options
Zips can be installed on request
High grade, long lasting materials used
Free no obligation quotation
DEFRA approved
We are full BPCA members
To discuss your bird control problem, call us on 0800 327 7293, email us at info@britishbirdcontrol.co.uk or submit your request online using the form

Frequently Asked Questions about Balcony Netting

What does your balcony netting service include?

Our balcony netting service is available across England and Wales and as well as the netting itself, includes a clean down and biocide treatment of any build-up of fouling, plus removal and disposal of nesting material is present.

Pigeon fouling is actually very nasty stuff and a vector for some really dangerous bacteria and pathogens that can cause very serious illness indeed in humans, even blindness and death, if it’s accidentally breathed in dry, gets into cuts or is accidentally ingested.

What does balcony netting cost?

In order to price up we will need to know the dimensions of the balcony – that’s the depth, width and height – including any open sides if you have them. We will also need to evaluate what we are fixing into so that we can work out what fittings are needed. Note that translucent and stone pigeon netting is more expensive than black netting. If you could send an email to info@britishbirdcontrol.co.uk including pictures that would be a great start.

What if the birds are nesting?

Pigeon fouling is dangerous stuff. People die and go blind from illnesses contracted as a result of coming into contact with pigeon fouling every year, and so it presents real and present danger and health hazard. Plus unlike most birds, pigeons nest all year round in the UK and can quickly become a significant pest. Because of these reasons, as pest controllers we are allowed to apply for a licence to be able to legally act against nesting feral pigeons on public health grounds, and we have this licence in place. Nests also contain bird mites, a tiny and voracious blood feeding biting insect that is happy to feed on human blood and very difficult to get rid of once inside a property.