Mucking in for Pigeon Guano Clearance

It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it! Clearance of built-up pigeon guano is one of the most common problems we have to deal with, and, although we say it ourselves, we have become something of a specialist in the area.

It’s remarkable how quickly pigeons can make a mess of things it they get inside somewhere where they shouldn’t. Every pigeon can produce some 25lb of guano a year on its own. That’s the weight of your average two-year-old and commonly we are dealing with hundreds of pigeons that may have been present for many months or even years.

Each job is different and a risk assessment is always required before we get going. The job will often involve working at height in some way and we may be dealing with abandoned buildings that may need to be properly boarded before we can start work safely.

In the case of attic spaces and property clearance there may well be personal items that have been soiled and need disposing of too.
The actual work begins with the application of a special avian biocide that breaks down the guano, which can be several inches deep and set like plaster. The biocide also treats the many pathogens and bacteria associated with pigeon mess.

It’s very important that the actual clean-up work is done wearing the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Dried pigeon guano contains all sorts of heinous beasties that you really do not want to be breathing in or getting into cuts. See Pigeon Guano And Disease

Then it’s on with the nasty bit – the actual clean-up work. This is a tough, manual, hot and sweaty job that usually involves backbreaking labour in confined areas on your hands and knees with scrapers and brushes – and wearing full PPE. Not for the faint hearted!

The British Bug Control pigeon clean-up service also includes a treatment for bird mites with a professional strength insecticide. This is important – bird mites are a nasty little biting insect that you can hardly see but which will turn to feeding on human blood if their usual food source (chicks) are removed.
Finally we dispose of the mess in line with the law. We are fully compliant to deal with and dispose of pigeon guano through the Environment Agency’s Waste Carrier’s Licence under regulation 28 of the Waste Regulations 2011.


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