Hawking, pigeon and gull control at PPC Live

The 2018 PPC Live Event run by the BPCA, which takes place in Worcestershire in March, will include a special seminar on the use of hawks as a bird control weapon. Hosting will be John Dowling, who says: “The deployment of hawks and falcons is one of the oldest and most challenging methods for bird control work in the UK. It’s a highly specialist area, but with the rise in feral pigeons and gull problems in urban settings, they’re an invaluable tool.

“Using birds of prey as a pest deterrent is both green and fully compliant with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and therefore should not be overlooked by pest management companies in the UK. We’ll be showcasing some birds of prey and will explain how they’re used for pest management work.”  Bird control through the use of hawks and falcons is something we are able to offer here at British Bird Control.

It works through the use of regular flights of highly trained birds by interrupting the normal behavioural patterns of pigeons and gulls, scaring the willies out of them and thus encouraging them to move on to a more suitable area.


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