Bird Repellent Gel Products are Officially ‘back on the market’

Bird repellent gel products are officially ‘back on the market’ after being affected by the BPR regulatory changes in 2016. Many in the pest control industry thought the move was an example of regulation gone mad anyway. The Biocides Product Regulation was introduced to protect people and animals from harmful organisms like bacteria or from anything contained within the product.

However there appeared to be absolutely no evidence that the gels, which are a low-profile deterrent that appear in the birds’ visual spectrum as flames, had any such side or secondary effects.
The reason the gels were withdrawn in the UK was because it turned out the only reason that they were allowed in the first place was through a special BPR dispensation that had been applied to the products, as they fell under a derogation (relaxation in the law) for foodstuff based repellents and attractants. That ran out on October 2016.

A number or companies marketed a bird gel type product in ready-made gel pots or in tubes that you apply yourself, with Bird Free and Ornaway perhaps the best known in the bird control world.
Pest control wholesaler Barrettine vowed at the time to see its product Ornaway  through the lengthy, complicated and frankly very expensive regulatory loopholes.

What actually happened, we’ve been told, is that that they ‘tweaked’ the product, got the green light, and it never really got withdrawn as such. Here at British Bird Control we have been using the new product successfully on a number of jobs recently where a discreet, low profile solution is needed. A Barrettine spokesman told British Bird Control: “We need to keep our competitive edge so we are not going to say too much. However, this is a different formulation in comparison to bird repellent gels previously on the market.”

What Is Bird Gel?

Bird repellent gel, or ‘fire gel’ as some UK bird control companies call it, is a relatively new addition to the bird pest controller armoury. Birds see in the ultra violet spectrum and the gels, which are applied in small pots, appear to them as little balls of fire and they steer clear of them. The small dishes are low profile and thus bird gel pots can be a favoured option in public places like shops, bars, offices, car showrooms and restaurants where there is a need to deter birds without spoiling a brand image or shop frontage. They are quick and easy to install too and can be set on slopes or even upside down, and are fitted without the need for any drilling.


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