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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels - East Midlands

The East Midlands has been among the most forward thinking regions of England when it comes to the uptake in solar power on both a domestic and commercial scale.

Indeed as the global warming case gathers pace, Nottingham is leading the race to become the UK’s first completely carbon neutral city ( and among a wide variety of initiatives is a series of schemes to transform the city’s 27,000 council homes into some of the greenest housing stock in the UK including new outer cladding, net zero central heating and roof-top solar panels.

In Leicestershire a huge solar farm () is being planned near Bosworth Battlefield on a 62-hectare site capable of powering more than 10,000 homes a year which would offset 570,000 carbon tonnes throughout its 30-year lifetime. And in Leicester itself Green Fox Community Energy Co-operative has been awarded £100,000 by a national charity to develop a dedicated zero-carbon energy system for Leicester schools, including the installation of solar panel produced energy. It’s a pattern repeating itself across the East Midlands region in areas such as Kettering, Lincoln, Corby, Mansfield, Derby and Chesterfield. 

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Solar energy will play a crucial role in reducing our carbon footprint, but with them come problems with  birds nesting under solar panels, and pigeons in particular.
Feral pigeons need cover over their heads when nesting, and solar panels provide them with the perfect combination of warmth, shelter and relative safety for their young. Pigeons also nest all year round, having several broods per year, so their numbers can increase much more quickly than most other birds and they quickly become a pest.

As well as creating a great deal of noise, they also produce a huge amount of fouling. It’s estimated that one pigeon will produce up to 11kg of fouling per year that means a flock of just 25 birds can be churning out 275kg per year – that’s about 600lb – or about half the weight of a grizzly bear! 

But it’s not just the amount of mess and noise. Pigeon fouling is really very dangerous stuff. It is a vector for some really nasty pathogens and bacteria that can cause very serious illness indeed in humans – even blindness and death – if accidentally breathed in dry, if it gets into cuts or is accidentally ingested. As such you need to get the pigeons off your property as quickly as you can, and clearance of fouling should only be attempted by someone who knows what they are doing and wearing the appropriate PPE. 

Our solar panel pigeon proofing service covers the whole of the East Midlands region and beyond. We use a very solid galvanised steel mesh which is far superior to roll mesh. The mesh comes in sheets, not rolls, with a thick gauge of wire which requires industrial cutters to cut it to size. As such it enables our technicians to shape the mesh not just to your panel configuration, but also to the rides of your roof tiles if they deem it necessary to stop birds getting back under solar panels. 

The work involves an experienced two-man team with all the expertise, training and equipment in place to undertake work like this. The first part of the job is to get the birds out from under the solar panels. This can be straightforward or very difficult, but we do not remove the panels from the bars as that would invalidate your warranty with your solar panel company, as indeed would any drilling to fit the proofing. We have all the licences in place to be able to do this within the law. 

The teams remove as much of the nesting materials under the panels as they can without risking the performance of the panels, before applying a professional strength biocide around where any nesting has been going on. This is done firstly to treat any fouling that has got onto the fittings, as pigeon guano is also high in uric acid and corrosive over time. It’s also to try and deal with the bird mites that will be in the nests. Bird mites are tiny little biting insects that feed on the blood of chicks in nests, but they commonly get inside properties and start feeding on human blood. They live in cavities, drive you mad, are difficult to get rid of and indeed are a very good reason to stop birds nesting under your solar panels per se. 

The solar panel proofing mesh is fitted side-on to the edge of the panels giving a neat, effective finish. It is attached using UVA stable Polymer fittings with a long shelf life alongside some vertical tensioning of some of the strong prongs under the lips of the panels to give a very strong and secure finish. The use of metal fittings needs to be avoided (metal to metal corrodes) and there is no drilling involved. We carry out literally hundreds of solar panel proofing works a year and the process comes with a gilt edged 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.

We also offer a gutter cleaning service and solar panel cleaning service, plus we can fit pigeon spikes and chimney cowls if required, and we can usually quote you within 10 minutes over the phone if we can find your property on Google Maps – give us a call now on 0800 327 7293.

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